Immediate catchiness.

What makes it so? Well, it’s a blend of good sound quality, visuals, upbeat music, and, importantly, a live recording. In today’s era of possibilities, you must prove that you handle live performances just as brilliantly as your studio recordings. Your recording need not be studio-produced, as home conditions are acceptable, but remember to maintain quality and professionalism.

No recording in slippers, and definitely no ashtray with a cigarette on your desk 😉 Ensure a pleasant, distraction-free background and good lighting. Remember, you’re applying for a job, and though artists have their own rules, always keep that in mind.

No music stands!

Engaging with the audience becomes incredibly challenging when your face is buried in a music stand. During live performances, the discreet use of music stands and sheet music is acceptable. However, when it comes to promotional videos aimed at potential clients, making a strong first impression is crucial.

Keep your demo under 5 minutes maximum.

Make it captivating and entertaining from the very beginning. Avoid too many slow songs, especially at the start. Some demos go on for 3 minutes with only ballads, and we strongly advise against it. Show yourself as an entertainer, not someone putting people to sleep.

Don’t play entire songs

The best demos often come in the form of a medley, a mix of various songs and musical styles. Showcase as much diversity as possible within a few minutes. If you play multiple instruments – flaunt them! If you’re in a duo and sing only backup vocals – showcase it!

Stick to your purpose

If applying for a cover band position, don’t play solely Latin music in your demo, or else you’ll be perceived as a Latin band, not a cover band. If you’re aiming for a singer-pianist role, demonstrate your vocal abilities. If you have plenty of live performance recordings that you believe are suitable, great! Combine all your videos into one (maximum 10 minutes) and upload it to YouTube, your website, or another accessible platform.

Don’t recommend sending links via social media platforms (Instagram or Facebook)

It’s not the best way to showcase your talent to cruise lines. Ensure your portfolio is easily accessible online, making it convenient for potential employers to discover your work.

Important Note:

Please do not send your demo as email attachment. Always use links. Don’t send photos, CVs, or song lists until requested. You don’t need to say anything or introduce yourself at the beginning of the video – let your music do the talking.

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