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If you’re interested in the opportunity to work as a solo singer-pianist on a river ship, please refer to the job description and application details below. We’ll gladly review all your promotional materials and provide further information if your application is successful.



(one-man band)

Short job description:

  • It’s required to play easy-listening music during cocktail hour, as well as pop and dance sets in the evenings after dinner. In both cases, arrangements/backing tracks should be used, and singing is required for both dancing and listening pleasure. Additionally, the pianist should be able to play acoustic solo piano for tea or lunchtime during the day.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in English is necessary. If you speak and sing in other languages, please include this information in your bio/CV and application form when applying for the job.
  • Although some ships host German and Swiss passengers, the majority of guests are British, American, and Australian.
  • Playing additional instruments besides the piano is considered a bonus.



The conditions of the job vary depending on the river line and current openings. We work with several clients, so the possibilities are wide

Main conditions include:

  •  Sailing area – Main European rivers.
  • Length of the contract – From March to November with a holiday break if required. Vacation relief musician contracts are set individually with a length between 1-4 months.
  • Working hours – Up to 6 sets of 45-60 minutes per day (up to 35 hours per week not including breaks or 42 hours including breaks), but it’s usually shorter based on the daily program.
  • Length of cruises – From 7 to 14 days.
  • Accommodation – Cabin shared with a roommate, rarely a single cabin as the ships are small.
  • Benefits – Full board including meals with the crew, laundry, and free WiFi.
  • Travel costs reimbursement – Depends on the cruise line with certain limitations. Travel expenses may be included in the salary.
  • Salary – Ranges from 1800 to 2600 EUR per month depending on the company and musician’s experience.
  • Additional duties – Besides regular performance, helping other departments can earn an additional 600 – 800 EUR per month optionally, depending on the river company. Tips for side duties may already be included in the salary.
  • Visa requirements – For non-EU citizens, a Schengen visa is required.
  • Language requirements – English in most cases or German.
  • Type of contract – Depends on the cruise line; there are three types of contracts: independent (freelance), Swiss, or Cyprus.


Tips for a promo video:

The video should showcase a variety of repertoire packed into one clip, including 30-second samples of around 10 songs (featuring piano with backing tracks or any type of arrangements, and vocals), as well as a few solo acoustic piano pieces. A total video length of 5-6 minutes is sufficient. For more information on how to record a proper video, please visit the link below:

‘Learn the key to a successful demo”

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