Monthly Archives: May 2015

Looking for:

Looking for:

Singers (male and female)
Pianists to show bands (professional of sight reading skills)
Singer pianists
Duos (piano plus singer-female)
Trumpet player (singer)
Trombone Player (singer)
Acoustic singer guitarists
Latin trios
Bavarian Trio


We are looking for:

1. Solo PUB entertainers (acoustic singer guitarist) , the bast native English speakers
2. Pianists with great sight reading abilities to show bands
3. Piano Bar entertainers
4. Trumpet player who can sing
5. Trombone player who can sing
6. Duo with female vocalis to Irish PUP (strong guitar sound and good vocals)
7. Latin Trios
8. Male Vocalists
9. Male vocalists with good rap abilities
10. Female vocalists
11. Carribbean Bands